Darren Palmer Q+A

Darren Palmer is one of Australia’s most prominent interior designers. His expertise and keen eye for detail has brought an element of magic to Kashmir. Each apartment exudes luxury, striking a balance between usability and elegance.

What makes Kashmir a unique place to live?

Kashmir is a really exciting building. It’s sculptural in form and the architecture is interesting with curved glass and metallic screening, and some of those really edgy design choices have continued through into the interiors. They feel spacious and modern but also classically timeless.

What were your biggest considerations when working on Kashmir?

Space is a huge consideration when designing apartments and we have used every square inch of available space so that you can get the most amenity out of the beautifully designed kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces.

Kashmir’s interiors have been planned carefully so that you have one, two and three bedroom schemes and each one feels just right for the number of people living there. The kitchens are largely proportioned, the bathrooms have lots of storage and amenity, they’re beautifully finished and they all feel spacious.

It has beautiful sharp lines and curved geometry and you can see that in the handles, the island benches, the bathrooms. It feels like a reflection of the exterior but not a replication. The different schemes all complement the building’s exterior but also work beautiful in unity as well. The internal finishes are tactile and luxurious. There is a lot of contrast but they are also very friendly and familiar palettes, so you will know that they last the test of time.

What are clients looking for most when it comes to interior design?

Elegant solutions to common problems are a major focus for homeowners and occupants. Care given to the way we interact with spaces and consideration to the requirements of individuals of different ages and generations will always be acknowledged or appreciated on a subconscious level. Ease of use of any space, the provision of amenity in every area and the consideration of how to get the most out of your home to reflect your lifestyle is what people are looking for in any well designed home.

What are some of the key design features that make a sophisticated, luxurious and liveable apartment and why?

Space is the real luxury when it comes to apartment living and the utilisation of every inch of available space for added amenity demonstrates care and detail in design which also has huge luxury appeal. The layout of the space and its visual and physical flow are key to creating and opulent feeling throughout.

Putting attention to the elements that you interact with the most, such as handles and tapware give you positive and tactile feedback which, when done correctly, provides another layer of luxury.

The inclusions, fittings and materials all add up to finalise the sophistication of any home.

‘When designing interior schemes, it’s important to find a balance between creating a timeless, classic, contemporary look but also providing something new and edgy to the market.’

Darren Palmer

Why are more people choosing to live in apartments, and does that change interior design elements?

Downsizers are choosing apartment living due to the intrinsic safety and accessibility of apartment living. Also, the benefit of being able to lock and leave when travel becomes more prevalent again, will always add to the appeal of an apartment. Add to that the benefit of not having ongoing garden and house maintenance demands and you find the perfect solution for an older generation looking for a simpler life at home.

People in their mid 30s to 50s appreciate the benefit of having stylish and modern homes that are close to working hubs but also provide all of the lifestyle benefits that hotels and resort afford such as pools, gyms and communal living spaces.

For younger people, in addition to the above benefits that apply to all, apartments can be the perfect way to enter the property market and begin their climb on the ladder.